Episode 361, “Oh, brother”

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Review spreadsheet



Lenovo PC that is an Enterprise A model with built-in projector pic.twitter.com/zzVVOFedaZ


The Star Trek Tour in Ticonderoga, NY will feature Anson Mount as Captain Pike “Christmas with the Captains” Dec 7 & 8. They’re building a set from “The Cage” for photos. Oh and William Shatner will be there too.

NYCC in one week

Star Trek: Discovery Short Treks on Thursday

Ten Forward:

Chris on Twitter: What is it with Trek characters and their “missing” relatives they suddenly discover? Data with 2 brothers and a mother, Kirk with a son, Troi with a sister, Worf with a brother and son. Almost a trope if u ask me.

Star Trek in pop culture:

Lucifer S2, E9. The crime scene investigator puts a shattered champagne glass back together, and says this.

Last week in Trek

Episode insight: TNG: S4 Final Mission

Character insight – Work

Subspace communications

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