Episode 89, Stardate 1304.30, “This week in Pon Farr”

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Spoilers abound. To see or not to see?

TNG: Redemption parts 1 & 2 & season 4 preorder on Blu-Ray July 30.

Lots and lots of clips

Ten Forward:

What’s your favorite/least favorite series and/or season for music (other than the main theme)?

Star Trek in pop culture:

Conan O’Brien with guest Ty Burrell. Dec 7, 2012, Conan was on an early TNG episode, lurking in the shadows (Too Short a Season) with only his hair showing. Or was he? It’s visual, but this is great stuff anyway.

Episode insight: VOY S7: Body & Soul (Suggested by Icewarm)

Character insight – Solok

Subspace communications

1000 Questions

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