Episode 90, Stardate 1305.7, “Beergineering”

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www.AreYouThe1701.com: Darrell and Mike win with #The1701!

Darrell knows the entire movie front to back (spoilerama!)

Atom-sized Star Trek logos

More clips

STID soundtrack available for preorder. ON. VINYL.



startrek.com offering email addresses for $15/yr


Star Trek Into Darkness Gets “Action Movie FX” App


Ten Forward:

I’ve heard JJ wants any future tv series to be in his timeline. I’m afraid the studios will agree and we’ll never see original timeline ever again.

Star Trek in pop culture:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (current CGI series) Leonardo is a fan of an animated TV show that looks exactly like Trek’s TAS. In this clip, he’s saying the lines along with the show (just like I do sometimes).


Episode insight: TNG: Darmok

Character Insight – Spock

Subspace communications

1000 Questions

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