Episode 91, Stardate 1305.14, “So there”

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The TOS Galileo Shuttle’s retirement home post-restoration is going to be at NASA in Houston TX.

Will be at @SpaceCityCon in August. http://www.space.com/21003-star-trek-galileo-shuttlecraft-museum.html

ENTERPRISE Season 2 coming to Blu-ray August 20 in the US/Canada, August 19 in the UK, August 21 in Australia

Star Trek Into Darkness soundtrack on iTunes

Ten Forward:

DS9’s original CGI files have been found for a possible conversion to HD. They look great in HD, but you can see some edges from the low polygon count. Other than multiplying the polygons, should the files be improved in other ways?

Star Trek in pop culture:

The president stole a line from Trek 2009 for his Ohio State University commencement speech.


Episode insight: DS9: The Way Of The Warrior part 1

Character insight – Sarek

Subspace communications

1000 questions

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