Episode 96, Stardate 1306.19, “Abe Lincoln – Klingon Hunter”

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George Takei’s FB feed is written by a comedian (partially)

‘Trek Nation’ Special Edition 2 DVD set Coming in July

200 items being auctioned off by a collector (items numbered 220-420) http://www.icollector.com/ScreenUsed-Summer-2013_as26841_p5

Ten Forward:

What environmental variations should we see in the future? High/low planetary gravity, Different atmospheres, really fast / long days, high/low temps. TOS/TNG did little of this.

Star Trek in pop culture:

Canadian Bacon, 1995, John Candy, Alan Alda. Canadians living among us, Movies where the black guy dies first.

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Episode insight: VOY S6: Live fast and prosper

Character insight – Christpher Pike (ST 2009)

Subspace communications

1000 questions

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