Episode 97, Stardate 1306.25, “Adjust the Tracking”

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There will be NO Fathom theatrical event for TNG Season 4.

TNG’s “Redemption” is coming to a special Blu-ray.

STAR TREK®: ENTERPRISE — THE COMPLETE SECOND SEASON arrives on Blu-ray Disc (6) August 20. All-New Cast Reunion, Documentary, Commentary, Deleted Scenes & Outtakes

LeVar Burton “conflicted” over new Star Trek film; says it “needs Gene”

My review of Star Trek Into Darkness

Ten Forward:

What if you lost all power in deep space? Are you screwed?

Do youngins know as much about Trek as we do?

Star Trek in pop culture:

Step 3 of a Myers Briggs personality test instructions Youtube video (Watchwellcast)

[clip] 00:23

Episode insight: DS9 S2: The Jem’Hadar

Character insight – Nog

Subspace communications

1000 questions

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