Episode 98, Stardate 1307.9, “Scott and Kirk, when the script fell”

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‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ To Make Cable TV Debut in 2015 on FX.

CBS & Netflix extend multi-year deal which includes all Trek series.

TNG S5 Blu-Ray trailer is out. disq.us/8dtmod

39th annual Saturn Awards: TNG Blu Ray won for best TV Series (S1 & 2)


Scott Fletcher sings the Enterprise Theme Song

Ten Forward:

Do youngins know as much about Trek as we old people do?

Star Trek in pop culture:

Originally on Reddit. South Sacramento has streets Klingon & Romulan named in 1977. Who lives there? These people (News 10)

[4 clips] Siri, 2 ladies & a guy who live there.

Episode insight: TOS S3: Plato’s Stepchildren

Character Insight: Uhura

Subspace communications

1000 questions

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