Episode 99, Stardate 1307.16, “Beefmaster Q”

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Galileo Lands at Space Center Houston on July 31st http://spacecenter.org/attractions/galileo-shuttlecraft/

STID release date – Aug. 20 digital, Sept. 10 physical. WHAT?

Star Trek Hotel Room in Brazil, $700 a night. Limited time. http://nerdapproved.com/misc-weirdness/this-star-trek-themed-hotel-room-is-better-than-a-room-on-the-enterprise/#more-101743

Scott Fletcher sings the Enterprise Theme Song

STAR TREK 3 to Shoot Next Year with J.J. Abrams Directing?

Ten Forward:

What’s right / wrong about making any Trek whether good / bad. “Anything’s better than nothing.” But is it?

Star Trek in pop culture:

The Parole Officer, British, 2001. After witnessing a murder, Simon Garden is framed — and the only evidence that proves his innocence is a videotape locked inside a bank vault. In this scene they’re trying to spy on someone entering the combination to the vault, via a hidden camera, but someone blocks the view, and this is part of the argument that follows.


Episode insight: TNG S3: Best of Both Worlds 1

Character Insight – Lt. Commander Shelby

Subspace communications

1000 questions

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