Episode 117, Stardate 1311.26 “Then I took a strut through the knee”

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“Enterprise” Season 1 on Blu-ray is now $44.57.

Enterprise D pizza cutter. Now available where ever fine Enterprise D pizza cutters are sold.

Garrett Wang says: “Ok, since Tom Paris Day was such a hit, we are officially going with 12/12 as Harry Kim Day”

Ten Forward:

Since Dr Who just had their 50th anniv, what should happen for Trek (besides the next movie)?

Star Trek in pop culture:

National Lampoon’s Senior Trip – 1995, with Matt Frewer (Max Headroom & Time traveler “A Matter of Time”)

In this clip, some crazy guy out for revenge on his tormenters is talking to cardboard cutout paintings of the crew in his apartment. Uhura is a blow up doll in uniform.

Episode insight: Enterprise S2: Minefield

Character insight: Abramsverse Carol Marcus

Subspace communications

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