Episode 131, Stardate 1403.18 “Hopening”

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Pre orders for TNG Season Six Blu ray are up (as of precisely 1 week ago to the end of our last show)

TNG S4 Blu Ray $45.99 on Amazon.

Harlan Ellison Script Unaltered ‘Star Trek’ teleplay of ‘City on the Edge of Forever’ to become IDW comic.

Angry Birds crossover alt cover.

Anovos Picard Jacket – pricing phase I (the cheapest) $250

How many female admirals were REALLY in that room?


Ten Forward:

Chris on Twitter: How different do u think TOS would have been if it had a bigger budget? Would there have been more than 3 seasons?

Darrell added: (or if it was known earlier that Trek was actually NBC’s number one rated show?) “Congratulations – you just canceled your number one show”

Star Trek in pop culture:

Six Degrees of Separation

[clip] 00:33

Episode insight: TNG: S5 A Matter of Time

Character insight – Daniels from Enterprise

Subspace communications

Ken P.

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