Episode 284, “Energy hWhip”

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Rainn Wilson to play Harry Mudd on Discovery.

Trek Continues – another episode (8) is out. Still Treads the Shadow

Sonequa Martin-Green will beam aboard Star Trek: Discovery. And here’s the real news… her character’s name is First Officer Michael Burnham. – See more at: http://www.startrek.com/article/sonequa-martin-green-beams-aboard-discovery#sthash.wIjkAIt5.dpuf

Ten Forward:

Chrises on Twitter: Has saving the planet Earth become a trope in Trek? Can u count how many times that has occurred?

Chris Obi on Twitter (clip) 1:34

Star Trek in pop culture:

Archer S7, E9. Someone’s on a movie set talking about it. (Thanks J-Ro on Twitter)


Last week in Trek

Episode insight – Enterprise “Acquisition”

Character insight – Admiral James Komack

Subspace communications

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