Episode 306, “Traveler Mystery Tour”

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“The blue that dominates the Federation interface designs on Discovery will apparently evolve to something more TOS-like and colorful”

New trailer mentions “You are explorers” and “fortune favors the bold”.

Ten Forward:

Chris on Twitter: Compared to the first two seasons of TOS, do u feel the acting dropped significantly in the 3rd season?

Star Trek in pop culture:

TV Show: Ground Floor S1, E3

Part1: Guy explains how he is going to sit in a chair a certain way to impress the boss


Part2: The actual chair is very wide with arm rests, so he jumps over the back, ending up doing the splits on top of the arm rests.


Last week in Trek

Episode insight: TNG: S7 Journey’s End

Character insight – Dr. Lewis Zimmerman

Subspace communications

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