Episode 307, “There’s dust everywhere!”

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Two clips!

Thoughts on CBSAA as we approach 9/24:

Cuts out the middle-man. People are used to cable packages and such. Model is changing because….

People expect things for free nowadays, but people have to put food on the table.

Ironically, it’s the “DVR Generation” that skips commercials that caused this. Stuff’s gotta get paid for. Regular people work on the show, too.

I want to see the show survive, and paying CBS will help.

Trek fans cite “IDIC”, but “IDIC” falls apart when money is on the line.

Orville: NBC’s “Too cerebral” doesn’t apply. Good Trek makes you think. That’s not happening here.

Orville: Mike watched it

Ten Forward:

Chris on Twitter: What is the best way for you to enjoy an episode of Trek: with family, with friends, or by yourself?

Star Trek in pop culture:

Book: Dance Upon the Air by Nora Roberts. This is from the audio book. (Thanks to Anisha)


Last week in Trek

Episode insight: TAS: More Tribbles, More Troubles

Character insight – The Sphere Builders

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