Episode 313, “So here’s my number, let’s Xindi maybe”

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Discovery S2 coming. Klingon war aftermath. Where they get hair implants.

Star Trek Continues

Nicola Bryant (Peri from DW)

Amy Rydell played the Romulan Commander

Her mom played the original character

Re: CBS All Access (Ray on Twitter) If you attempt to cancel they will give you a month free.

TOS & TNG adult coloring books are out now from Dark Horse Comics.

DISCO shirts

Ten Forward:

Chris on Twitter: If u can slingshot around the sun and travel into the past, would u try to correct any mistakes u made?

Star Trek in pop culture:

Futurama S2, E3 (now on Hulu). The DOOP (UFP) ships are lining up to shoot down a giant enemy ship. Fry is flying the ship, shooting at stuff.


Last week in Trek

Episode insight: ENT 306: Exile

Character insight – Discovery’s Season 2 renewal news

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