Episode 315, “The future only has golf pencils”

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Nov 20: Work on DSC Season 2 begins. May not debut until 2019.

Anovos DSC phaser prop replica: Wave one: December 2017 delivery. ANOVOS has cut off wave one on November 15 or whenever 50 units are sold, whichever comes first. Wave 1 closed – wave 2 delivery Feb 2018

DSC Engineer is now on Twitter @GeorgeAlevizo_

All of TNG Blu-ray $78.80.

Orville: The latest episode had almost no laughs & I loved it.

Ten Forward:

Chris on Twitter: Lucille Ball practically saved Trek if I understand it correctly. Wonder why she never acted in any episodes?

She just had no interest in doing so. Saving it was a business decision.

Star Trek in pop culture:

Here’s Lucy, 1972. Episode “Lucy’s Replacement”. She arrives at work to find a large computer that is being rented as a trial to possibly replace her.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. S3, E3 “Zari”. In this clip there’s a superhero rescuing a ship & he’s asked how it’s going. Suggested by Jordan on Twitter.


Last week in Trek

NCIS Two idiots, one keyboard clip:


Episode insight: VOY S4, E22: Unforgettable

Character insight – Ishka

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