Episode 342, “I forgot how to work my buttons”

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News – Victoria Day

Give a rating to unrated episodes

CBS has put forth over 15 Emmy submissions acting production & other categories.

Nicholas Meyer’s secret project was a 3 episode miniseries. Currently on hold while CBS & Viacom bicker about ownership.

Ten Forward:

Chris on Twitter: What was your reaction when you learned that there was a “Battle Bridge” on the Enterprise D? Mine was probably could use a different name.

Star Trek in pop culture:

Timeless (NBC) season finale. Someone travels back in time 130 years and a photo is taken of them to send a message to the future. In the photo is a matt on the ground with an inscription in… chinese? Nope.


Trek easter eggs on the Amazon Echo. (plug its ears now)


Last week in Trek

Episode insight: TAS: The Time Trap

Character insight – Emory Erickson

Subspace communications

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