Episode 345, “Ceti Alpha Nope”

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Polar Lights to launch DSC model line. 1/2500 scale. http://bit.ly/polardisco

Watch 6 ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Emmy Consideration Vids – Featuring New Behind-The-Scenes Footage

Patrick Stewart says he’ll soon have a good reason to watch DSC. What’s it mean? Marina Sirtis?

Crowdfunded movie: 5th Passenger. Doug Jones, Tim Russ, Marina Sirtis, Armin Shimerman http://www.comingsoon.net/movies/trailers/949899-5th-passenger-trailer-unites-star-trek-cast-members-for-sci-fi-thriller#eLGP1g6jX56ctjjr.99

The reason for the cancellation of McFarland Toys’ phaser is they refused to comply with laws about “toy guns”.

Ten Forward:

Chris on Twitter: Which Star Trek scene was the most disturbing for you to watch: Worm in ear in Trek 2, transporter accident in TMP or creature death by phaser in TNG “Conspiracy”?

Star Trek in pop culture:

From Jordan on Twitter. The Flash season finale S4E23). They’re trying to make someone else have flash powers.

Episode insight: ENT: S3E8 Twilight

Character insight – Mot

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