Episode 385, “Who got polymorphed?”

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DS9’s Doc “What We Left Behind” to be released in theaters by the end of 2019.

Australian Evan Evagora (23) cast in Picard show. Role unknown.

The identity of Isis the cat in her human form from Assignment: Earth has been a mystery until now. She’s April Tatro. Played mostly contortionists thru 2001. Documents were found by Larry Nemecek while doing research for The Trek Files.

Ten Forward:

Chris on Twitter: Was there anything u would like to have seen TOS do to push the envelope more in culture development? I would love to have seen Uhura take command of the Enterprise and give orders just like Kirk.

Star Trek in pop culture:

Stargate SG1, S6 E8. The Other Guy. 2 guys in the desert. One is John Billingsley (Dr Phlox) ENT.

Episode insight: ENT S4E12 – Babel One

Character insight – Ensign Herbert

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