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Review spreadsheet



STTMP 40th anniv: Fathom Events. Original widescreen aspect ratio in 500+ theaters and include the behind-the-scenes documentary short “The Longest Trek: Writing the Motion Picture.” The dates: Sept. 15 and 18 (tickets here).

“#StarTrekLowerDecks takes place on the U.S.S. Cerritos… the speciality of the Cerritos is second contact… Second contact, you’re showing up to the planet, you’re finding all the good places to eat… You’re like the Yelp of Starfleet.”

Nickelodeon animated show announces a writers room of 9.

3 of the short treks will be pike related. Up from 2.

Writing for Star Trek: Picard S1 is complete.

Star Trek: Picard Book And Comic Prequels in November

Ten Forward:

Chris on Twitter: What one person from Picard’s past you do not want to see in the new Picard series?

Star Trek in pop culture:

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee 606. Jamie Foxx.

Episode insight: TNG: S7 Preemptive Strike

Character insight – Li Nalas

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