Episode 438, “You will not be assimilated. Move along…”

| April 25, 2020 | 0 Comments

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Armin Shimermin’s offering another session of his previously-sold-out Shakespeare class on April 30th! @ShimermanArmin on Twitter

HoloCon starts tonight! Hosted by the Lambda Quadrant with guests Nicole DeBoer and Chase Masterson. @LambdaQuadrant on Twitter and Twitch

Larry Nemecek will be on a panel for the Virtual-for-2020 Penguicon today! It’s called “Life Support – Our Mission: To Boldly Go through uncertain times.” @LarryNemecek on Twitter

The #TOSSatNight Twitter live-chat episode this week is What are Little Girls Made Of@TOSSatNight


Ten Forward

If u can do a commentary track on a Trek episode with any Trek actor, which episode and actor would u choose?

Episode Insight: Voyager, Season 7, Episode 14, “Prophecy”

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