Episode 441, “56 years later…”

| May 16, 2020 | 0 Comments

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Star Trek: Strange New Worlds has been officially announced!!

Jeff Russo confirms Discovery season three score is currently being produced

May 16 @ 8pm ET: Gaaays in Spaaace hosting Kate Mulgrew and Robert Picardo

May 16 @ 12pm ET: TOS Saturday Night – The Corbomite Maneuver

May 21 @ 1pm ET: Erin Macdonald and Jonathan Frakes present “Full STEAM Ahead: The Storied Partnership of Space & Hollywood”

May 22 @ 8pm ET: Nana Visitor presents “Dear Nana” for Star Trek: The Cruise

May 23 @ 12pm ET: William Shatner at GalaxyCon

May 30 @ 1pm ET: Jonathan Frakes, Marina Sirits, and Brent Spiner at GalaxyCon

Marina Sirtis on Hollywood Caucus


Chris on Twitter: Which Star Trek actor/actress do you think is the biggest fan of Star Trek?

Episode Insight: DS9 season two, episode 15 – Paradise

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