Episode 449, “Infectious Enthusiasm”

| July 25, 2020 | 0 Comments

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Jul25 @ 9pm PT: TOSSatNight – Arena

Jul27: Mary Chieffo on Mission Log Live

Jul28: #StarTrekHour – Enterprise “Fortunate Son”

Aug8: Discovery InHouse-CON Zoom Panel – $3.99, with Sara Mitich, David Benjamin Tomlinson, Ronnie Rowe Jr. & Hanna Spear

Aug1: Unbelievable!!!!! The Movie – Virtual Red Carpet, $19.99 to start, prices vary with extras + Movie Trailer

Aug22: TOSSatNight Space Seed + Wrath of Khan

Nov10: Star Trek: The Wisdom of Picard release date

Nichelle Nichols movie “Woman in Motion” was picked up for distribution, expected in 2021

LeVar Burton was on Anson Mount’s podcast, The Well

Convention Videos galore!!!

Virtual Trek Con

Shore Leave Con

San Diego Comic-Con

Star Trek Universe complete panel

Discovery Extended Table Read

Star Trek: Lower Decks first look


Ten Forward from Chris on Twitter

Starfleet Academy from TrekkingZoe

Episode Insight: Voyager 7×03, “Drive”

Outro Sounder: Jonathan Frakes for CBS

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