Episode 456, “Bring back the blacklight”

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Gates McFadden is set to host the Nacelle Company’s Who Do You Think You Are?, McFadden starts a new venture into the podcast realm.

Robert Picardo is joining the cast of To Meet the Faces You Meet, a new science fiction film from Parallax Studios.

The Television Critics Association (TCA) was proud to bestow the Heritage Award upon Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek!

ViacomCBS announced today it will rebrand the company’s transformed subscription video on-demand and live streaming service, CBS All Access, as Paramount+ in early 2021.

The Next Generation is coming to Ticonderoga!

Star Trek: Picard won the Emmy for Outstanding Prosthetic Makeup for a Series, Limited Series, Movie or Special! Congrats to the Star Trek: Picard prosthetic makeup team: James Robert Mackinnon, Vincent Van Dyke, Richard Redlefsen, Alexei Dmitriew, Neville Page, & Michael Ornelaz

Jeff Russo and team are back in the studio!


9/19 @ 9pm PT: #TOSSatNight – Errand of Mercy + The Time Trap

9/22 @ 4pm ET: #StarTrekHour for Lower Decks episode 7

9/27 @ 4:30pm PT: Facebook Live Music Event! “Tim Russ Crew” benefiting the Midnight Mission. L.A.

10/8 @ 12pm ET: Star Trek Universe panels at NYCC – Exclusive Conversations with Casts of Star Trek: Lower Decks + Star Trek: Discovery and Surprise Guests. Dan and Kevin Hageman, Julie Benson, Aaron Waltke


Star Trek: Voyager – Celebrating 25 Years of Epic Questing with Garrett Wang

DragonCon Voyager panel

Smithsonian Documentary

FanFic Reading with Alexander Siddig with credits

The Pod Directive with Ben Stiller

Chase Masterson and Terry Farrell for Star Trek The Cruise


Armin Shimerman: The lady is the very talented Karen Westerfield who stood guard over my makeup from Day one till the finish. Without her, there would have been no Quark –or close-ups.

Armin Shimerman: The answer is yes and no. I and others were on the low end of the Hollywood wage ladder. No extra $ for prosthetics for me,Mike,Aron,Rene anyone. BUT, there was lots of OT and golden time for the extra hours it took. My makeup and removal took the longest. (tweet he replied to is now deleted but asked about pay on DS9)

Kurtwood Smith: I will not confirm or deny that I could possibly look more like this guy at this point… #TBT #pandemicbeard #StartrekVI #FederationPresident

Gates McFadden: The fires are scary and devastating to so many folks in such an already anxious time. I am back from a break from social media as there is much to do in order to work to elect an administration that will treat our planet and ALL its people with compassion, truth and respect.

Gates McFadden: Honestly, I have donated every week to Flip the Senate. I urge you to participate if you possibly can. Without these states, 45 is through. Donate $45 now to flip TX, AZ, GA, and NC: http://45tofire45.com

Kate Mulgrew: Action on climate change that is grounded in science is what this nation needs, and not just on the West Coast. I’m voting for #bidenharris2020 on November 3 – join me in bringing us back to common sense and rational thought. #vote #vote2020 #science @KamalaHarris @JoeBiden

Kate Mulgrew: Democrats could win NC if we stop voter suppression. It helps that a Superior Court just ruled the state may not disenfranchise people who owe fines, fees, or other debts. Donate #45toFire45 and help get those folks registered.

Tim Russ: And there’s this: your democracy is at stake people. You all in these critical states need to play heads up ball!! They will try anything to steal this election. Register, make sure you’re registered, vote early or vote in person.

Denise Crosby: Our 2020 election needs every vote & these four states to go blue. Let’s put it in the bag by getting as many people registered to vote as we can. Donate #45tofire45

Brent Spiner: To secure the electoral college in a state like North Carolina, we’ve got to turn it blue. To do this, we have to fight against voter suppression efforts. Helping to fund registrations by donating #45toFire45 is the way.

Anthony Rapp: It’s National Voter Registration Week! Don’t give up your chance to vote! LetsRegisterNow.com VOTE. REGISTER TO VOTE. Our lives depend on it. (LetsRegisterNow.com)

VOTING RESOURCE: Vote Save America “Early voting has started! Alabama, Pennsylvania, Wyoming, Virginia, Minnesota and South Dakota are up!” – https://votesaveamerica.com/


EPISODE INSIGHT: DS9 season 6, episode 21: The Reckoning

LOWER DECKS section begins at 1:21:51

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