Episode 457, “Moonbase Omega”

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Battlestar Galactia’s Michael Hogan Fund

Nichelle Nichols’ twitter posted a link to her GoFundMe

Sir Patrick Stewart and Mark Hamill ads for UberEats

on Twitter, with variants on YouTube: Four,

Showdown 45, Showdown 30, and Air Hockey

Discovery Season 4 filming! …maybe? fan video, Doug Jones’ trainer, and Doug Jones’ response

(September 24th was the three year anniversary of Discovery’s premiere!)

Lower Decks standees now available for purchase

Chief O’Brien at Work coloring book

It’s been one year since Aron Eisenberg passed away. Malissa Longo and The 7th Rule remember him.


9/26 @ 9pm PT: #TOSSatNight

9/27 @ 3-6pm PT – Starfleet Virtual Cocktail Party! By the Improvised Generation and #StarTrekHour

10/3 – In-House Con panel with Damon Runyan, Jason Matthew Smith, Jennifer Barlow, and Ronnie Rowe Jr.

10/3 – Nana Visitor and Alexander Siddig panel – “an open, frank conversation about what it takes to heal from trauma”

10/15-17 – Virtual Trek Con 2! Facebook info and Official Website


Don’t miss the deadline to register to vote! Check your state’s details:

Infographic, Chart, or Vote.org for all the info.

Check when your state begins early voting!

Trek Out the Vote pt1 on StarTrek.com – interviews with Kate Mulgrew, Jim Beaver, Gates McFadden, Chase Masterson, Raphael Sbarge, Alexander Siddig, and Kitty Swink.

Wilson Cruz for GLSEN

National Voter Registration Day: Sonequa Martin-Green, Anson Mount

Alison Pill for Florida Rights Restoration

Robert Picardo reminding us about 2016’s Trek Against Trump message

Volunteers Win Elections: Brent Spiner, Anthony Rapp, Anson Mount, Jonathan Frakes, Denise Crosby


Weyoun tweet + Jeffrey Combs’ reply

Armin Shimerman’s new book teasers: Pre-order 10/1, Drumming up suspense, + Cover almost here!

Tawny Newsome plans for her next music video

Anson Mount being silly

Kitty and Armin’s puppy passed away 🙁


EPISODE INSIGHT: The Omega Directive from Voyager, season four, episode 21

LOWER DECKS: Episode 8 “Veritas” spoilers begin at 1:21:11

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