Episode 48 is up, “Forty-seven”

| June 19, 2012

The actual Shuttlecraft Galileo is up for auction.
New video intro to TOS.
Official release date for Star Trek 2: May 17, 2013

Ten Forward:
What’s up with the number 47?

Star Trek in pop culture:
Car Talk

Episode Insight: “Zero Hour” from Enterprise season 3

Character insight: Malcolm Reed

Subspace communications

Collectibles: Star Trek soap and communicator console

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  1. soulless_swede says:

    -This Week in TOS/TNG/VOY-

    I’m a big fan of the podcast so I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to really complain this week. If you can’t be bothered actually watching the “shows” (not just random episodes), you really shouldn’t bother reviewing DS9 and Enterprise episodes. You don’t do either show justice.

    Just take this weeks “Zero Hour” as an example. It’s part of multiple story arcs, none of which either one of you seem to be familiar with at all:

    The “Temporal Cold War” was introduced as far back as in the pilot episode and was featured in a total of 13 episodes spread out over all 4 seasons.

    It’s also part of the Xindi story arc that took up a whole season and even overlapped slightly into the season before and after.

    Shran is a re-occuring character that’s prominently featured in the “Andorian vs Vulcan” story arc.

    …and so on.

    So please, as much as I like all Trek shows, please don’t bother reviewing DS9 or Enterprise if you’re not going to do it properly. Stick to TOS, TNG and VOY.

    Considering Darrels wishes that there would be more exotic CG aliens in Trek, I’m surprised he didn’t even mention that the Xindi has no less than two different CG sub-species.

  2. Darrell says:

    This is the problem with multi-episode story arcs – as I said on the show.

    If an episode can’t stand on its own, this is what happens. I’ve watched other single episodes from multiple-episode story arcs that held up just fine. This episode was disorganized, and badly written, whether it was part of an arc or not. If this is how the rest of Enterprise plays out, it’s no wonder it had bad ratings and was cancelled.

    To be a fan of a franchise, one does not have to be a fan of every aspect of it. If I were a sports fan, I should not be required to like every sport. If I were a basketball fan, I should not be required to like every team, or attend every NBA game. If I were an Oklahoma Thunder fan, I should not be required to like every player, or attend every game. Same goes for any fan of an franchise.

    I love Star Trek. I know Star Trek. And “Zero Hour”, you’re no Star Trek.

  3. phazerfire says: