Episode 51 is up, “That happens when you’re dead”

| July 11, 2012

Is Gary Mitchell the villain in the new Star Trek movie?
Hasbro unveils the KRE-O Enterprise.
Gaseous Anomolies

Ten Forward: Who should Star Trek appeal to?

Star Trek in pop culture: The DAily Show

Episode Insight: Voyager – Distant Origin

Character Insight – T’Pol

Subspace communications

Collectables – voice activated lights and the ERTL Star Trek model

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  1. soulless_swede says:

    “they had that whole 18th century witch hunt mentality which plague star trek so much…”

    You mean the mentality that’s still alive and well in many parts of the US? Creationists, scientology, Westboro Baptist Church, Harry Potter book burnings… as an atheist I feel like I’m trapped in this Voyager episode every time I watch Fox News 😉

  2. Rahrr says:

    More Fart vids!!! that was too funny. And why couldn’t the evolved dinosaur be a cool one like a Triceratops? 🙂