Episode 1 is up, “The Introduction Factor”

| July 7, 2011

After several weeks of planning, Darrell and I have put out our first episode. I think it was a great first show and it can only get better. Unlike “The Cage”, there are no grinning Spocks or overdramatic lines, but we did manage to have fun and a few laughs.

Topics were:

Our introductory episode!
News – Trek on Netflix and possible Star Trek 2012 delay?
What separated Star Trek from other shows of its time?
Growing up Trek – models

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  1. Ed says:

    Hi Guys,
    Just heard the podcast yesterday and I found it quite enjoyable. I think your show has brought out my very first memory of Star Trek, which was kind of negative.

    I’m not old enough to have watched the TOS on first run but I caught them while in syndication. I can’t remember how old I exactly was but probably between 8-12 at the time. My brother was kind of a bully punk bastard who treated me like his little peon. We only had one good sized TV in the house and during our designated TV time he made me watch TOS because that’s what he wanted. When I asked if we could watch something else, the answer was a firm “NO”!. Not a good way to get introduced to a series in my opinion. So this went on for a while and each time an episode came on I hated it even more.

    So a few years later my brother and I had become closer and the feelings I had for TOS faded. But it still couldn’t get me to watch the series. Now since it’s on Netflix streaming I plan to change that and start from the beginning. When TNG came out that’s when I started to really geek out on Star Trek.

    Thanks for stirring up a memory that started off bad but has led me to a place I do not regret at all.