Episode 83, Stardate 1303.22, “The Galactic Roomba”

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New trailer!

LeVar Burton To J.J. Abrams: “I Call BS”

“JJ Abrams says, There should be no Star Trek except the one I make,’ I call bulls—”

Ian McKellan officiating at Patrick Stewart’s wedding

Paramount Giving Away 50 Costumes From Star Trek Into Darkness via App Sweeps

Ten Forward:

What’s your favorite ship in all of Trek, ever?

Star Trek in pop culture:

Laren Cohen who plays Maggie Greene on The Walking Dead is a Trek fan (Bob Rivers show – Seattle)

Episode insight: TOS: The Doomsday Machine

Character insight: Doctor Bashir

Subspace communications


Darrell: Fold-up Enterprise-D

Mike: Star Trek Paint By Numbers – $1800?? http://www.ebay.com/itm/1967-Hasbro-Star-Trek-Paint-by-Numbers-MINT-Sealed-/250308759804

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