CBS Interactive releases Star Trek PADD app for the iPad

| July 11, 2011

Remember those cool looking personal data devices in Star Trek: The Next Generation. CBS Interactive has released an app for the iPad which mimics the look and feel of the LCARS interface that was designed by Michael Okuda for TNG. The app is essentially an iPad version of the Star Trek Interactive Encyclopedia which was released for Mac and Windows in the early 1990’s.┬áDesigned in conjunction with ArcTouch, the interactive experience is top notch.

The topics the app has are Episodes, Tech, Character, Aliens, Food (yes, food!), Ships, Science and Medicine, Cast, Staff, and has Facebook and Twitter feeds. The Facebook and Twitter feeds are quite interesting since it does give a real-time look into what people are saying about Star Trek.

All the items listed in the topics are in alphabetical order, with a scrollable A-Z and # touch area on the right hand side.

While the app is designed well, there are a few points about it that bug me. For one, there’s an episode list but not a true episode guide. You can’t get a list of episodes from just one specific show. The episode list is simply all the episodes in alphabetical order, and the data for the episode itself doesn’t tell you which show, season, or episode number it is. I would like to see related episodes as well.

The second thing I would like to see is a link to and/or Netflix to watch the show on your iPad. While I can understand why the app wouldn’t link to Netflix on the fly, I think a link to would have been a nice touch since some episodes are there for everyone to watch in full.

Another issue with the app is it sometimes tells you that what you’re touching is an invalid entry (eg: a letter in the alphabetic listing), and the noises just do not stop while the app is idle. I’d like an option for the app so that only noises happen when you touch something.

The cost for the app is $4.99 from the iTunes App Store (click here) which I think is very good for the content is has, I would just like to see the aforementioned additions included at some point.


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