Episode 5 is up, “Wagon Train to the Stars”

| August 4, 2011

Rod Roddenberry’s “Trek Nation” to air on the Air and Space channel in October.
Mike finally watched “The Captains”.
The Star Trek: TNG 3CD box set now available.
TNG 4-episode HD pack coming before the end of the year.

Growing up Trek: The Animated Series

Ten Forward: What’s bringing people to Star Trek lately?

Episode insight: Voyager’s “Unity”

Subspace communications

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  1. soulless_swede says:

    I haven’t read them, but apparently the “bluegill” parasites from conspiracy is explored further in a couple of ds9 books, one which by a strange coincident is called “unity”. The book establishes that the parasites are genetically modified trill symbionts.