Episode 183, “Everything is better with blacklights”

| April 14, 2015


Sanja Hays is on as Costume Designer. That was her role on all 7 Fast/Furious as well as Trek: Insurrection.

Cinematographer Stephen F. Windon from FF is also on board.

Sofia Boutella will be in a lead role.

Ten Forward:

Darrell on Twitter: Which series had the best team of actors? Rate each from best to worst.

Darrell Says: TOS, VOY, TNG, DS9, ENT

Star Trek in pop culture:

Parks & Rec

(Clip: 00:18)

Candorville comic is often Trek centric.

Episode insight: ENT: Vox Sola

Character insight: Boothby

Subspace communications

Ken P.

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