Episode 185, “What’s the speed of gullibility?”

| April 28, 2015


Pegg Confirms Idris Elba Will Play a “Kickass” New Character in “Star Trek 3” go.cbr.cc/1DAROGW pic.twitter.com/7uVSmZA0TH

Paramount: Galaxy Quest series coming to TV. Because they wanna do Trek but can’t because CBS owns it?

Star Trek: New Voyages – “Mind Sifter”

Principal photography finished on Red Shirts Diaries Season 2

Propworx auction this May is the complete set of Refit model filming miniature parts used to dress the 6-foot Enterprise-D filming miniature for the series finale “All Good Things”. This set will consist of all 13 parts that were attached, including the main third nacelle.

Nominated Parsec award

Ten Forward:

Chris on Twitter: Has there been any note worthy plot twists in any episode in any Trek series? If so, what is your favorite?

Star Trek in pop culture:

Psych S2E1 – American Duo. Discussing a game show that’s a rip off of another game show.

(Clip: 00:13)

Episode insight: VOY S1: Ex Post Facto

Character insight – The Doctor

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