Episode 201, “HI, JIM!”

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William Shatner will host ‘Star Trek’s’ first-ever official cruise fxn.ws/1J1Zc0G

Crashed starship set seen in Vancouver. disq.us/8oad3u Related to pile of broken trees?

Free Syracuse Univ Star Trek class coming this fall. ow.ly/2buybs

Star Trek Restoration – Recieved bridge set pieces from Star Trek the Experience.

Ten Forward:

Chris on Twitter: Do u think Spock could mind meld with Data? He did with Nomad and V’Ger. This is what keeps me up at night!

Star Trek in pop culture:

Forever. ABC, 2015. “Social Engineering” 00:08

Episode insight: TOS: The Conscience of the King

Character insight – Toral

Subspace communications

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