Episode 274, “Broshakehug”

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TODAY is the first day of shooting on DSC!!!

James Frain cast as Sarek

DSC delayed again.

Check out a new Kickstarter by Jason and Ashley – jupiterjetcomic.com


The Amazon Echo now accepts the following attention commands: Alexa, Amazon, Echo and now COMPUTER.

Asteroid 391257 renamed after Wil Wheaton. Orbits between mars & jupiter.

#StarTrek ‘s @SirPatStew to voice 💩 emoji in #TheEmojiMovie

Ten Forward:

Chris on Twitter: When @starmike finally meets @TheTrekNerd will u: give a handshake, hug each other, or give each other the Vulcan salute?

Star Trek in pop culture:

New species discovered: The Klingon Newt


Episode insight: TNG: The Survivors

Character insight – Travis Mayweather

Subspace communications

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