Episode 321, “I’ll take shape-shifters for $100”

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gorn_captain: NEWS: During a press conference at New York Comic Con, executive producer Akiva Goldsman confirmed that Spock will not appear on Star Trek: Discovery, despite some references to the characters already popping up in episodes of the new series.


Titles for the next six episodes of Discovery:

10. “Despite Yourself”

11. “The Wolf Inside”

12. “Vaulting Ambition.”

13. “What’s Past is Prologue”

14. “The War Without, The War Within”

15. “Will You Take My Hand?”

Ten Forward:

Chris on Twitter: Were u glad that there was never a cliffhanger ending to a TOS episode that left u hanging for a resolution for months? (Best of Both Worlds)

Star Trek in pop culture:

“Security Now” Youtube tech series.

Last week in Trek

Episode insight: TAS: S1E6 The Survivor

Character insight – Mr. Arex

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