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Episode 2 is up, “All of Our Yesterdays and Tomorrows”

| July 12, 2011

New theme by Darrell! News – Final space shuttle launched – George and Nichelle interviewed on MSNBC – La La Land records coming out with a 3-CD set of TNG music – Anovos releasing new TOS uniforms for a limited time Growing up Trek: watching TNG religiously Ten Forward: Remastered vs. Original TOS Episode analysis: […]

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Episode 1 is up, “The Introduction Factor”

| July 7, 2011

After several weeks of planning, Darrell and I have put out our first episode. I think it was a great first show and it can only get better. Unlike “The Cage”, there are no grinning Spocks or overdramatic lines, but we did manage to have fun and a few laughs. Topics were: Our introductory episode! […]

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