Episode 105, Stardate 1308.27, “No boy bands on Enterprise!”

| August 27, 2013

We welcome back Alex The Star Trek Girl while Darrell is on vacation. You can find her at @thestartrekgirl or http://youtube.com/warp9enegage


Chappo loves Star Trek!

The Enterprise that could have been

Simon Pegg on Star Trek haters


Ten Forward:


Star Trek in pop culture:

The Final Voyage of the Starship Enterprise


Episode insight:

“The Apple” from TOS S2

Character Insight – Harry Kim

Subspace Communications

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  1. Dillon says:

    Love the show, and Alex. I’ve been watching her on Youtube since near the beginning. You should have her on more often.

  2. Hey guys,

    Just listened to episode 105 with The Trek Girl, and you were talking about Vulcan Canada. That got me interested in possibly visiting there next year. My wife and I both ride motorcycles and mine is a Star Trek themed Victory Vision. You can check it out at:


    Anyway, every other year my wife and I take long motorcycle rides as our vacation and in 2012 our destination was Riverside Iowa, for Trek Fest, the celebration of the future birthplace of Capt James T. Kirk.

    We had a ball, riding all of the way from California to Iowa, and spending a couple days in Riverside. I rode my motorcycle in the Trekfest parade too.

    You can check out the photos of our ride on my facebook page:


    I love your show; I am a relatively new listener to the program, but your insights and passion for the franchise is very obvious.

    Keep up the great work.